Strategic Sourcing

As a platform for strategic sourcing, GroupRFx allows organizations to create, execute, and award sealed competitive bids at no cost.


All facets of the tendering process can be facilitated through GroupRFx at no cost. From creation to awarding, buyers are equipped with innovative features that automate the most time consuming and expensive elements within the RFx process.

  • Standardized section templates provide a firm basis for all initiatives and are free to all organizations.
  • Customized templates allow organizations to tailor their templates according to their industry and organizations
  • Company Logos and letterhead images exist on all RFx initiatives and email notifications to ensure the proper branding of each organization throughout the response process.
  • Item Files can be imported from any organization’s existing Materials Management System through an easy-to-use excel spreadsheet. Once imported, these Item Files can effortlessly be added to any RFx document to be taken to market and/or replenished.
  • Automated scoring tools speed up the scoring process while provide buyers with the flexibility to override any score at any time.
  • Side-by-side comparison of all supplier response submissions allow buyers to compare multiple responses simultaneously


As a consolidated platform, GroupRFx allows suppliers to both find new business opportunities and respond to competitions using a single login at no cost.

  • Open opportunities lists all competitions posted on GroupRFx that are open to the public; any organization can submit a response to any initiative free of charge.
  • Required questions and section status icons protect respondents from overlooking key information and submitting incomplete responses
  • Product catalogs can be uploaded to GroupRFx using a simple excel spreadsheet, this allows you to easily retrieve catalog SKUs during any item response.
  • Transparent point rate values and section weightings communicate the buyer’s importance of each item, question or section within a competition for all suppliers.


By developing an innovative toolset required to streamline the tendering process, organizations are able to obtain superior products, services and/or equipment while lowering their individual spend in addition to reducing the overall load on the supply chain.

  • Electronically Sealed bids ensure ensures a fair, transparent, and open competitive bidding practices by preventing buyers from viewing submitted responses prior to the due date and time
  • A cloud-based software application allows all changes made to an RFx document to be made in real time, ensuring that all information is communicated to all participants simultaneously and no one will benefit from privileged information.
  • Online messaging provides a method for all engaged participants to communicate throughout the response process.
  • Email notifications and system alerts keep all users up to date by informing them of urgent items that require their attention i.e. Amendments, new messages, due dates etc.
  • Convenient summary views equipped with status icons and response due dates provide easy-at-a-glance progress updates allowing you to allocate resources to more urgent competitions and quickly informing you of any status changes regarding any RFx.