Public Tenders

Gain access to new markets and acquire new clients with our open opportunities.

Open Opportunities on GroupRFX

Scan potential bids quickly and easily

GroupRFX has the ability to process and post both private and public tender documents. While private tenders allow buyers to have control of their respondents, public tenders provide the opportunity for suppliers to engage new business contacts.

By default, opportunities that relate to your business category are displayed to you. This helps you sift through our tenders to find your potential RFx’s faster and easier. You can also browse tenders that don’t belong to your category to ensure that you haven’t missed any opportunity.

Simply check off the opportunities that interest you and save them to your Bid Requests section like a shopping cart.

As an added feature, once you have saved a bid to your Bid Requests to begin your response, that bid is no longer visible under the Open Opportunities section. This is to prevent confusion from applying to the same bid twice and to ensure that your opportunities are always new and current.

All saved bids can be previewed on your Bid Request page for at-a-glance viewing; empowering you to manage multiple responses simultaneously.

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