GroupRFx Discount Dollars

Discounts Points are available to all users and can be used towards any purchase on GroupRFx. Each GroupRFx Discount Point is equivalent to one US dollar.

While the base Strategic Sourcing and Demand Consolidation features will always remain free, there are additional features available for purchase on this cloud-based software solution.

To see a breakdown of this pricing, please see How it works.

Current Promotions

Certified Consultants Receive $1500 in GroupRFx Discount Dollars

For a limited time, procurement consultants will receive $1500 in GroupRFx Discount Dollars for becoming certified on the GroupRFx network. Please contact or visit Consulting for more information.

Limited time bonus for RFx competitions

As part of our upcoming marketing launch, we are offering $100 in GroupRFx Discount Dollars for each RFx competition posted on the GroupRFx network. To qualify for this promotion, simply post a competition open to the public on GroupRFx and our administrator will contact you with your Referral bonus.

Referral Bonus

Receive $150 in GroupRFx Discount Dollars for each referred organization. Referrals can be sent by email or through a “join” button posted on your own organization’s website. These referral features are available at My Account > Referrals.