Our Partners

GroupRFx has aligned with specific associations and/or organizations to help provide additional value to your time on the GroupRFx network.

To inquire about becoming one of our partners, please contact us at info@grouprfx.com

Buyers Meeting Point

There is an over abundance of information available to supply chain and procurement professionals. In order to help you sort through it all and stay on top of what it really important, WE:

  1. CENTRALIZE information from vendors, associations, and educators
  2. MONITOR blogs, publications, news stories, discussion forums
  3. ATTEND webinars and share our notes and observations
  4. LISTEN to your feedback and focus where you need us
  5. DIGEST all of what is being said and bring you the best

The foundation for this initiative is learn, share and grow. Our goal is for you to learn and then share what you have learned within your own organization or with a broader global community. Through that process, you will have the opportunity to grow professionally.