Complete the entire competitive bidding process for FREE.

  • Bid creation, distribution, evaluation, and award
  • Create customized templates
  • Direct URL's to each RFx
  • Supplier responses (unlimited)
  • Messaging tools
  • Side-by-side evaluations
  • Automated scoring tools
  • Auditable score history
  • Item file & catalog management
  • Email notifications
  • Alerts

How it works

This web based software application facilitates end-to-end RFx competitions by using a single consolidated platform to expedite each stage within the tendering process.


Rfx's can be created by using templates or archived documents.

This allows organizations quickly reuse common elements while maintaining the flexibility for individual competitions.


RFx’s are published, posted, and emailed to appropriate suppliers.

Specific URL’s are created which can be posted on any public tendering site and allow suppliers direct access to specific competitions


Suppliers submit their responses directly on the platform.

Each RFx receives a direct URL which can be published, emailed, or posted on any other platform; providing direct access for suppliers.


Compare all bids simultaneously using side-by-side evaluations.

Reponses are organized by line items including submitted file attachments; alleviating the need to search and re-organize vendor submissions.


Scoring tools & summaries ensure a fair and auditable contract award.

Email notifications are sent to both the successful and unsuccessful proponents to inform all respondents of their status.

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Enterprise Enhancements

Although the tendering process can be completed at no cost, organizations can purchase additional enhancements to augment the effectiveness of each step within the business process.

Below is a list of features available to all organizations for purchase. Depending on the size of your organization, different packages have been tailored to suit your tendering needs. Should your organization exceed the allotted amounts and require additional allowances, you may purchase these services individually using the the ‘Pay-as-you-go’ price.



Package Pricing

Features Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Number of Active Opportunities (details)


$150 per tender





Site Platform Branding (details)

No customized branding

$50 per organization per month

Your organization only

You and 10 member organizations

You and 50 member organizations


Excel export (details)


$50 per export





Sell templates in Template Store (details)

Not available

Not available





Team Evaluation Scoring (details)

1 evaluator / RFx

$50 per evaluator / RFx

3 evaluators / RFx

5 evaluators / RFx



Shortlisting during evaluation (details)


$50 per RFx





Discount Dollars (details)




$0 $5,000/year $30,000/year $75,000/year Contact Us

GroupRFx Solutions

Strategic Sourcing on GroupRFx

By automating the most time consuming and expensive category of the tendering process, your business is able to create and/or respond to RFx documents quickly and easily. Find out more ...

Consulting Opportunities

A network of GroupRFX certified consultants can aid organizations throughout the RFx process. In addition, consultants are also able to sell templates within the Template Store. Find out more ...

Site Platform Branding

The ability to customize the look & feel of GroupRFx to your organization allows all of your member organizations to view the platform as your brand and organization identity. Find out more ...

Demand Consolidation

Utilizing multiple organizations enables a consolidated purchasing power that achieves better products, services and/or pricing. This portion of GroupRFx is currently under development and is scheduled to be released next year.

Online Advertising

Organizations on the GroupRFx network will be able to purchase highly targeted ad-space on GroupRFx. This portion of GroupRFx is currently under development and is scheduled to be released in Spring 2015.