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Item File Maintenance Overview

Item File Management is mainly categoried as:

Keep an easy inventory of your procurement items with our Item File Management tool.

Storing the details of your preferred product lines, manufacturers and item details allows you to quickly add them to any RFx with ease. Items can also be added during RFx creation as “Non-Catalogue Items” allowing you the flexibility of including items not normally in your file management system.


Once you’ve created a commodity, adding an item is easy. Add item descriptions, units of order, default prices, item details, images and even usage quantities. Each of these items are available during RFx creation making it even easier to source out a new supplier for your frequently purchased items.


You must create at least one commodity before adding to your GoupRfx item file. Commodities are logical groupings of items (e.g., a commodity named Food contains foodstuffs, a commodity named Computer Software contains software programs). On GoupRfx, items are associated to commodities, and that commodity assignment can be changed as necessary. Commodities can be renamed and deleted, though deleted commodities will also take their associated items with them.

Item Attributes

Manually add item details to your GoupRfx item file, including item names, descriptions, images, standard pricing, and associated commodities.

Import Items

The item import feature uses a specially-formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to import item data. Use Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet editor to open and populate this spreadsheet. Use the Import Items link to begin the item import process. If you do not have Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet editor, contact Ormed for assistance.