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Demand Consolidation Overview

Demand Consolidation is mainly categoried as:

What is Demand Consolidation?

Demand consolidation is a ground-breaking purchasing strategy that takes group purchasing into your own hands. By leveraging the purchasing power of you and other businesses, you can increase your negotiating power with your vendors to achieve better pricing, lower shipping and handling costs and reduce overhead costs.

Shared Service Intitiatives

Use our shared service initiative tool to assess the demand of a particular product or service in your industry or area. By surveying your existing contacts and/or the GroupRFX network of businesses, you can efficiently evaluate demand and then transform it into a powerful group purchase.

Respond Intitiatives

Save even more by responding to shared service initiatives. Not only will you save off your bottom line, but you will also develop new business contacts with these initiatives through our GroupRFx network. Increasing your business and saving money simultaneously has never been easier.