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Catalog Management Overview

Catalog Management is mainly categoried as:

Catalog Management allows you to create and manage an online catalog, used by your buyers when they purchase goods, manage their contracts, or create tenders. Define product lines (logical groupings of like items), set SKU attributes either per SKU or globally, and import your catalog via a specially-designed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with our easy to use interface.


Once you have created a product line, you can start building your catalog SKUs. You can add SKU descriptions, units of order, default prices, SKU, images and extended notes.

Product Lines

You must create at least one product line before adding to your catalog SKUs. These are logical groupings of items (e.g., a commodity named Food contains foodstuffs, a product line named Computer Software contains software programs). All SKUs are associated to product lines, and that assignment can be changed as necessary. These also can be renamed and deleted, though deleted product lines will also take their associated items with them. Use the “Create a new product line“ to create and maintain product lines. After you've created one, you can populate it with items.

You can also edit the visibility permissions of all your product lines to limit the number of users who can reference your SKUs.

Catalog Attributes

Using Catalog attributes, you can further customize your online catalog by manually adding SKU details relevant to your industry standards.

You can also customize the visibility of your catalog. Display your catalog to:

  • GroupRFX network with default pricing
  • GroupRFX network without pricing, but still showing prices to your clients
  • GroupRFX network without any pricing
  • Your clients only
  • No one

Import Catalog Items

The import feature uses a specially-formatted Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to import SKU data. Use Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet editor to open and populate this spreadsheet. Use the Import Items link to begin the SKU import process. If you do not have Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet editor, contact Ormed for assistance.