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With your account you can edit your:

Customizing your account ensures that your organization is optimally represented on the GroupRFX network.

Please take a moment to confirm all settings accurate to enhance your GroupRFX experience.

Business Profile

As an administrator to your organization, you can edit and update any element of your organization. Here you can update your company’s website, contact information, GLIN code and business category.

User Administration

Often times, responding to or creating an RFX involves more than a single individual. Add, remove or edit any employee while still remaining as a single company on the network.

User Profile

Update your contact information, change your password and edit other personal information through this part of your account settings.

User History

Take a look at your organization's user productivity by viewing past activities with our history function.

Email Templates

All of our email notifications are fully customizable, allowing you to brand yourself through GroupRFx. Create your own personalized template messages that you can send to your business contacts using our unique variable innovation that further customizes your emails once they are sent. This enables you to reference specific tender documents and vender names without having to edit each and every email.

Item File Management

As a procurement professional there are certain items that frequently reappear within your buying process. Keep an easy index of these items using Item File Management. Now your frequently purchased items are only a click away from going to an RFx.

Catalogue Management

Catalog Management allows you to create and manage an online catalog, used by your buyers when they purchase goods, manage their contracts, or create tenders. Define product lines (logical groupings of like items), set item attributes either per item or globally, and import your catalog via a specially-designed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Member Logo Set up

Add your organization’s logo to GroupRFx to guarantee that you and your colleagues are properly represented on our network. These logos can and will be used in Email notification templates, RFx Responses and many other applications. If you do not add your logo to our network, we will create a default image to represent your organization.

Member Logo Edit

Once added, you may edit your logo’s orientation and size. You may also add text using our sophisticated image editor.