Procurement consultants are able to connect with a larger audience of buyers and obtain new business contacts and opportunities by obtaining their Consultant Certification on GroupRFx.

Once certified, consultants receive access to a unique toolset built specifically for consultants. Here, a consultant can access any of their ongoing projects, accept new projects and/or edit their consultant profile.

From creation to awarding, a unique messaging tool shared only between buyers and their consultants (invisible to suppliers) allows for efficient and organized communication embedded directly into the RFx initiative. Consultants are also able to transfer any of their customized templates into the Buyer’s RFx document, speeding up the creation process.

Fees & Revenue Opportunities

The goal of GroupRFx is to facilitate the connection between the buyers and consultants; as such GroupRFx will charge a linkage fee of $150 for each consultant added to an RFx initiative. Invitations are sent by Buyers and are unlimited. Linkage fees can be absorbed either by the buyer or the consultant while all other fees are to be handled outside of GroupRFx as it occurs in typical consulting transactions today.

As an incentive for the consultant to refer their existing clients, a credit of $150 will be placed into the consultant's account for each referral. This credit can be used to absorb the linkage fee and any other future costs within GroupRFx. This credit is only applicable to GroupRFx transactions.

Become Certified

To become a certified consultant on the GroupRFx network, consultants must first demonstrate a proficient understanding of the features and processes of this cloud-based software application. As such, a consulting training course is available to all users which is composed of a one hour session each week for 8 weeks.

At the end of these training sessions, participants will be asked to complete a list of requirements to demonstrate their knowledge of this web-based software application. When all elements are achieved, the consultant will receive their official certification on the GroupRFx network.

To inquire about the Consultant Training course or becoming certified, please contact