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Introducing GroupRFx

Demos & Training Sessions

To request a demo or attend any of the above training sessions, contact us at

Overview & Introduction

These demos are fast paced and focused on providing a holistic view of the competitive bidding process. [45 mins + 15 mins Q&A]

RFx Creation

This session will cover templates, variables, and other features designed to accelerate RFx creation. [20 mins + 10 mins Q&A]

Responding to Initiatives

Messaging, amendments and response submissions are covered in this supplier focused session. [20 mins + 10 mins Q&A]

Scoring and Awarding

This session will explain the ins-and-outs of scoring & awarding your competition including automated scoring tools, side-by-side supplier responses and auditable score histories. [20 mins + 10 mins Q&A]

GroupRFx is a competitive bidding platform designed to improve the procurement and tendering process for both suppliers and buyers.

This web based software application facilitates end-to-end RFx competitions by using a single consolidated platform to expedite each stage within the tendering process.

Our vision is to reduce the high cost of procurement by providing a platform for organizations to consolidate demand, easily create competitive bids that vendors can effectively respond to, and score and award contracts in a fair, efficient, transparent, and auditable manor. Although the entire process from the consolidation of demand to purchasing contracts is free, additional services can be purchased at a reasonable cost to enhance the effectiveness of each business process. Assistance from knowledgeable consultants, advertising, marketing, branding, and analytic reporting are some examples of these paid for enhancements.

Our instinctive interface coupled with our e-tendering insight gives you the power to grow your business quickly and efficiently.

The average organization often spends 80% or more of revenue on sales, general and administrative expenses and every dollar saved by strategic sourcing can impact the supplier by as much as five dollars (or more) on every one dollar of sales. This in turn inflates supply chain costs to compensate for lost dollars during unnecessary administrative processes.

By converting these bumpy traditional paper methods into a smooth, streamlined online tendering process, both buyers and suppliers can benefit from cost savings by reducing the load on the supply chain overall.


  • Since all information is communicated to all competition participants at the same time, no one will benefit from privileged information.
  • Complete visibility for point rate values and section weightings allow suppliers to quantify the value of each response to any question.
  • Additional comments and/or attachments can be included with each line item
  • In addition to price quotes, suppliers are able to submit alternative packaging options and item substitutions.
  • Messaging tools allow anonymous communication between all participants.
  • Standardized RFx templates can be copied and customized for any initiative or industry type

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